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Prayer 2

Have you ever thought “oh, Lord I just don’t know what to pray for”.  I have, there have been times when I was so exhausted, worried, upset that I just couldn’t think. I also have thought, “He knows what’s going on anyway so why pray?”.  I could not have been more wrong! It is exactly during those times that we should pray. God sent the Holy Spirit to be our mediator and He will make known our petitions. So what should we pray about? Let’s look at what some specific scriptures that might help us. Part of every prayer should be Praise, praising God for His character and nature. The Psalms is a great place to find praises to God. The writer praised God in every circumstance he faced in life. Read the Psalms and watch for Praises to God. The scriptures also tell us to pray for others. We are to pray for those who rule over us, 1Tim 2:1-2, the lost, Romans 10:1, the sick, 3John 2, our enemies, Luke 6:27-28. He wants us to make requests Phil 4:6-7, and be thankful, Eph 5:20. Give Him thanks what He has done, is doing and will do. Pray for His will to be done, Matt 6:9-13 and forgiveness Matt 6:12. Oh dear one there is so much more. As you read your Bible look for the prayers of people, how they prayed and what they prayed for. Make a list I think you will be surprised.

I think we all have times when we question if God is really listening or hearing us. Scripture tells us that He is listening. Look at 1John5:14-15, Matt 7:7-11, 1Peter 5:7.

I pray that you will come to have complete confidence in knowing that He hears and He answers! Have a great week, Terenda


God created us to have a relationship with Him. Can you imagine the “Creator” of the universe wants to have a relationship with you and communicate with you! That is almost more than I can comprehend. Prayer is a relationship with the One True Living God. Prayer is one way that we grow spiritually and come to know Him better. It is not a magical process where we ask and boom our desires are met. It is a two way conversation that helps to understand His will and His ways. “It is our connection to heaven and heaven’s connection to us.” Harvest.org

In kid’s terms, “It is talking to God, anytime, anywhere and about anything. Think about it when you love someone, you want to talk to them. Our love for Him should be the catalyst to prayer!

Why should we pray? First, Jesus told us to pray, Luke 18:1; Col 4:2; 1Thess 5:17. It is an act of obedience, James 4:2. Prayer helps us overcome worry, Phil 4:6-7. It allows us to participate in God’s work. It gives us power over evil, Eph 6:12. It is always available, Ps 139:7. It also keeps us humble, Matt 18:4 and it changes us! So much more could be added to the reasons why but I think this gives us an idea of the importance prayer is in our lives. Keep in mind as you teach the children this month that they learn by example. When they see the importance of something in our lives it will become important in theirs. Set the example and let God teach! Love you all! Terenda

The Happiest Day

Bible reference Luke 2 and Isaiah 9:6

What do you think is the “Happiest Day” in the world? Stop and think about it, has it happened already, is it about to happen or will it happen at a future time?

Our Bible story this week is about Jesus birth, now I know that seems strange in June but we are studing the books of the Bible and we are in the Major Prophets. I am so proud of the kids how much they have learned so far this summer! They are truly amazing!

The baby that was born in Luke 2, was no ordinary baby. Who was this baby that was born and why did angels announce His birth and rejoice because of it? Isaiah told of this baby’s birth hundreds of years before it happened. In Isaiah 9:6, “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;” NAS He was given to us, a gift of redemption for all. How beautiful are the next words Isaiah uses to describe His name.

Wonderful CounselorWonderfulpele Strongs #6382 – a miracle, marvellous thing – Counseloryaats Strongs #3289 – to delibarate or resolve, advise.

Jesus is our counselor He will listen to us and help us make choices based on truth instead of emotion or circumstances. His counsel is faithful and He will not mislead you. Have you gone to your counselor today? What problems do you need His advice for? He is there waiting and willing to listen and to guide you! Now that is something to be happy about.

Mighty GodMightygibbor – Strongs #1368 strong, powerful – GodEl – Strongs #410 – Mighty One-  (Brown-Drivers-Briggs) defines it, God, the one true God, Jehovah.

He is one with God, He is God in the flesh and He is powerful. How can we lose with Jesus on our side? He loves us with a love that is uncomparable, there is nothing He cannot do! Have you trusted in Him with all your heart and accepted  His free gift of salvation?

Eternal FatherEternalad – Strongs #5703 – without end – Fatherab – Strongs #1 – Father, (Brown, Drivers, Briggs) – Head or founder, speaks of benevolence, protection.

He is my everlasting (forever) father, who will protect me and has my best interest at His heart. He will always be there to love me, care for me, discipline me (ouch), and bring me home to live eternally with Him. Yes, He is Holy and to be honored but He is also my Father!

Prince of PeacePrince‘sar – Strongs #8269 – Head, Lord, master, steward Peace shalom – Strongs#7965 – safe,  (Brown,Drivers, Briggs) completeness, soundness

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He is Lord and Master. I love the term completeness and I believe we can never know complete, sound peace without Him. We can run to Him and rest when the storms of life seem about to overtake us. I don’t know about you but I need a place of refuge where I can rest and trust that He will bring about what is best for me.

The happiest day – The day Jesus was born and came to be my Savior! Isaiah gave us a wonderful descriptation of this little baby who changed not just the world but lives. I pray that you know Him as your personal Savior and that you are trusting Him because there is “Power in the Name of Jesus”.

In Christ, Terenda




Teacher Devotion – February 26, 2012

Bible Study: Jesus talked to God. Matthew 6:5-13

                This week our Basic Truth is: Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Key Question/Application: How do you love God?, The Bottom Line: Love God with all your heart. Memory Verse: “Love God with all your heart.” Matthew 22:37

In Matthew 6:5-13, Jesus talks about the proper way to pray. We are to pray in all humility and we are not to use meaningless repetition. You might ask then why did He give us the Lord’s Pray? As we look at it today I pray that you will see it through fresh eyes and look beyond just the words.

  1. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.”, We start our prayer with adoration, honor, glory, and declaring Him holy. Albert Barnes put it this way, “Let Thy name be celebrated, venerated, and esteemed as holy everywhere. It is important that we recognize Him for who He is!
  2. “Thy kingdom come.”, The word used for kingdom here means “reign” Most commentators agree that this is an expression that God might reign, His laws be obeyed, and the Gospel of Christ advance around the world.
  3. “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, His will for my life, not my will or the world’s will but His! His will is perfectly carried out in heaven and we can pray that we would strive to carry out His perfect will here on earth.
  4. “Give us this day our daily bread.”, That which is necessary to support life, this implies our dependence on God for our daily needs. It also shows us that He will provide each day and we should not worry about tomorrow.
  5. “Forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.”, Forgive our sin, there was nothing we could do to pay our debt only Christ Jesus could give us the grace that was needed. If I who was so unworthy have received grace, how can I not show grace to others? Again it is only through Christ that I can have the heart to forgive others.
  6. “And do not lead us into temptation,” God does not tempt us but we can pray that we might not return to our previous lifestyle. David prayed a similar prayer in Ps 141:4 “Do not Incline my heart to any evil thing, to practice deeds of wickedness with men who do iniquity.”
  7. “But deliver us from evil.” Deliver us from Satan, his power, his snares, and his craftiness. Oh Lord break the chains that bind us!
  8. “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen”, God it is your domino, you have control over all these things, you have the power to accomplish the petitions, I do not, and may all be done to Your glory. Forever – So be it.

Have confidence in your prayers, know that He is there waiting for you to come to Him and pour your heart out to Him. He wants to hear your heart!!         In Christ, Terenda


            Today I am in Genesis 26:12-33, Isaac vs Abimelech. Have you ever had a disagreement with a neighbor, co-worker……..? How did you handle the situation? Let’s look at Isaac and see what his reaction was to adversity and the result.

            There was a famine in the land and Isaac left and went to Gerar. This was the land of the Philistines and Amimelech was their King. Have you ever had to leave somewhere you were very comfortable at and live/work in a place that was not familiar and you had no idea who to trust? Isaac knew no one there but he trusted and obeyed God and lived in Gerar (Gerar was an ancient town in the Negev, in the south of the land of Israel, roughly half-way between Beersheba and Gaza). Because Isaac obeyed God, He blessed him and he prospered in the land.

            When we obey God, He will bless us but the Key is obedience. Sometimes I just want my own way, I am selfish and don’t want to listen and that is disobedience. Sometimes I have to ask myself, “How would God have blessed if I had just obeyed?” Obedience is not always easy but it is well worth the price!

            Remember, there was a famine in the land and yet, Isaac’s crops thrived and he became a great man and rich. Of course, when someone is successful there are always those who grow envious and the Philistines were no exception. They not only envied Isaac but they also stopped up his wells and told him to leave. In verse 22-33, we finally see peace and a covenant made between Abimelech and Isaac. Peace was obtained because Isaac obeyed God and set an example of non-confrontation, in others words he did not argue, fight or take revenge.

            How did Isaac respond? How do I respond to controversy? Is it worth the pain to have lasting peace? Matthew Henry puts it this way, “We should deny ourselves both in our rights and in our conveniences, rather than quarrel: a wise and a good man will rather retire into obscurity, like Isaac here into a valley, than sit high to be the butt of envy and ill-will.” Wow, am I willing to give up my rights and conveniences to keep the peace? That is the question I think we all have to answer. I know it is not easy and our human side does not naturally lean toward giving up things but God’s ways are not ours and no one said the Christian life would be easy!

            Be willing to –

  1.  Take the situation to God in prayer find out what he wants your response to be.
  2. Be obedient to how God is leading.
  3.  Look at the bigger picture and how your response to a situation can bring glory to God.
  4. Know that God will bless you and keep you.


I pray God will bless each of you and you will be an example of how to live at peace!

In Christ, Terenda



ImageSBKIDS is the Childhood Ministry of Sterling Baptist Church.

SBKids Vision – SBKIDS exists to make a difference in the life of children and their families in our church and community.

SBKids Mission – To help the family grow in their Christian walk

 By– laying a strong foundation in your child’s life for faith in Christ and Christian growth.

 By – building a Bible teaching partnership with you the parents.

 By – Providing a safe, clean, fun and loving environment where all children will have a quality learning experience in          relationship to Jesus Christ. 

 By – Providing teachers who are growing in their walk with Christ and have a love for children. We earnestly desire to serve the Lord through personal Bible Study, an active prayer life, and following the call to serve others in the Childhood Ministry.

I am so excited to be a part of this growing ministry. The Preschoolers are enjoying  “Adventures in the Park” where they are learning about God, Jesus, our world, the Bible and more through Bible based – childcentered teaching. They experience fun age apporiate activities that give the hands-on opportunities to learn. The Children have fun “In the City” where they are experinencing Bible based teaching that helps them understand how to apply the Bible to their daily life.  

What can you do to help? Pray for our ministry! Paul  tells the Thessalonians in 1Thessalonians 1:2, that he continually remembers them before God. We ask you to be a pray warrior continually remembering our ministry in prayer and the children and their families before God, Pray that everything we do will be done through faith, Pray that everything we do will be done because of our love for Jesus Christ and what he has done for us, Pray that we will look for and recognize opportunities to minister to our community, Pray that we will not become discouraged or distracted from the plan God has set before us. Most of pray that we will seek God’s will and plan for SBKIDS! There is power in prayer and we believe great things can happen when God’s people pray.

God Bless all of you richly

In Christ, Terenda and the SBKIDS Staff

Two Women

I was sitting here thinking about the Christmas Story and I began thinking about Mary and Elizabeth. Mary a young woman, the Bible doesn’t tell us how old she was but she must have been very young. She was unmarried although betrothed and was awaiting her marriage to Joseph. Elizabeth was an old woman, the Bible tells us her and her husband Zacharias were “well stricken in years”, they had given up on having children. What is it about these two women that God would bless them in such a way?

I want to look first at Elizabeth. The Bible tells us that she was of the daughters of Aaron, she and Zacharias were from the tribe of Levi and he served as a priest. Elizabeth and Zacharias both were righteous, walked in the ways of God and were blameless. Yet, something was missing! They did not have a child and in those days it was considered a disgrace to be barren. I am reminded of Hannah the mother of Samuel in First Samuel chapter one and how she was treated because she was barren. Sometimes we as women can be very cruel to each other. We need to come along side each other and encourage and lift each other up instead of  tearing each other down. I am amazed at how Elizabeth handled her situation. She may have been sad but she didn’t become bitter or discouraged and  she continued to serve God who is faithful. Elizabeth let her faith rule her heart not her circumstances. God rewarded her with a son who would be the forerunner of Christ. Can you imagine the stir this most have caused in the town they were from Luke 1:58 tells us that they rejoiced with her how the Lord had shown great mercy to her. I can image the headlines today can’t you? They would probably say she is to old and nothing good can come from this – better to terminate the pregnancy. Elizabeth knew her God and knew His faithfulness. I want that kind of faith, don’t you?

Mary, who was she and where did her faith come from? She was a young girl, poor and yet there was something her that God chose her to be the mother of His only Son. She must have been afraid and unsure how Joseph as well as her parents and the town would react to this news. Mary trusted God, her faith was strong, she believed what the angel had said. Such faith in one so young, her parents must have been righteous and raised Mary to keep her eyes focused on God. When Mary visited Elizabeth she was given confirmation of her situation. Luke 1:39-45, tells us that Elizabeth recognized that the child within Mary was her Lord. It must have been exciting to see these two women together talking and sharing the miracles that had happened to them both.

What was it about these women that God chose them:

1. Faith – both knew who their God was and that He was faithful.

2. Obedience – Both were obedient to the call of God on their life.

3. Trust – Both put their trust in God not their circumstances.

I know we all have read the “Story of Christmas” many times but have you really looked at the people involved and what their lives must have been like. Have we considered how their stories relate to us? Two women whose age was no barrier to God using them and giving us the greatest gift ever given. What does God have planned for YOU? No matter your age, circumstances God can use you if you have faith in Him to do the undoable. Be obedient to His call on your life, it may not be what you had planned but God will use you to make a difference in the lives of others. Trust Him, keep your eyes focused on Him and not what is going on around you. Trust Him for the moment and He will take care of the future. I am not sure if either woman understood what their sons would be called to do. John the Baptist, lost his life preparing the way of the Lord and Jesus gave His life and rose again for each one of us so we could have life eternal. A life lived for God is not always easy but the rewards are great.

I want to have the faith and trust they had and I pray that I will always be obedient to His call. My prayer is that you will see something new in the “Christmas Story” this year. Look deeper at the people, circumstances, and how they lived!


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